Renting is a great way to get to know an instrument before you make a purchase decision.  Also, you may be renting a fractional size until you are ready to purchase a full size instrument.   We rent many different instruments at Parrish Music, including violins, violas, cellos, basses, guitars, mandolins, and banjos, and are ready to help you find the perfect instrument.

Our orchestral rentals and step up instruments are unmatched in the region.  We have an excellent supplier of violins, violas, and cellos that are hand carved in Bejing and built and set up to our specs.  These are not your average student grade instruments; they are several steps above in terms of build quality, playability, and tone.  All include a case and a bow.  Our orchestral rentals are teacher approved and highly recommended for all students!  Please stop in to check your size.  We have violins as small as 1/16th, and many sizes available in viola, cello, and bass.

We rent guitars in 1/2, 3/4 and full size for all age students.  Nylon and steel string are available. We also have a limited supply of rental banjos and mandolins for our students. Please check in with Ted  or Catherine for proper size and string selection.

Rental Program FAQs:

How long is a rental contract?

Rental contracts are month to month, you can stop at any time, or change sizes at anytime.

Can I buy my instrument using my rental fees? Is it rent to own?

You can apply all of your rental fees towards purchasing an instrument, up to half of its cost. For example, if you wanted to purchase your rental violin at $500, and had accrued $200 in rental fees, you could apply all of it to the purchase. However, if you had accrued $300, you could only apply $250. Note that our program is not “rent to own”, it is just rental. You must decide if and when you want to purchase an instrument; it is not automatic.

Can I buy a different instrument using my rental fees?

Yes, as long as it is a “like” instrument. In other words, if you rent a cello, you can use your fees to buy a different cello, but not a banjo.

What if I damage my rental?

No worries, bring it in and we’ll figure out the problem together. We ask that all renters treat their instrument with care and respect, but we also realize that accidents happen and can usually be fixed. We have a new renter orientation that will help you learn to care for your instrument properly.

What are monthly rates?

Violin – $20

Viola – $25

Cello – $30

Bass – $30


Guitar – $20

Banjo – $20

Mandolin – $20


2024 Hours

Wednesday Thursday Friday 1-5, and Saturday 10-2

We are also available by appointment and are happy to help you with your musical needs including rentals, repairs, and sales.

Please call or text and we will make arrangements. Leave a message on the store line 608-637-7730. You can also text Ted’s cell at 608-606-5699.