Originating in Hawaii, the tiny ukulele has blossomed into one of the most popular stringed instruments on the planet. Easy to play and tote around, the uke is a great instrument for kids, adults, beginners, folks who already play guitar or another instrument, and those who just want an instrument to accompany singing.

We love the ukulele at Parrish Music. We both play and teach the uke. We have a huge selection of brands, styles, and models to choose from and will be happy to help you find the perfect companion.

Koaloha Ukuleles

KoAloha ukuleles are all hand made in Hawaii from solid koa in a small family factory. As real as it gets. They are expensive, but worth every penny when you are ready for a top of the line professional instrument. Availability limited. We also carry Opio Ukuleles, designed by KoAloha ukuleles and built in their factory in Thailand. A more affordable KoAloha option.

Kala Ukuleles
Kala is the biggest name in ukuleles these days, and for good reason. Kala has an incredible selection of models, woods, and features! Something for anyone, really. And they are built with quality in mind. We stock some of their more unusual models alongside the standards.

Ohana Ukuleles

Ohana is the stealth brand of ukulele. They don’t advertise much, or push their name out there. But they make first class ukuleles in some unusual combos – cedar top on willow is one of our favorites. We carry a lot of Ohanas because they are such a good value and are different! Definitely worth a strum.

Twisted Wood

A newer brand based in Canada, Twisted Wood has some unique designs and models. Their higher end features a no tie bridge – along with excellent tone and playability.

Magic Fluke

Flukes, and Fleas, and Fireflys! The Magic Fluke Company builds their innovative instruments in Massachusetts. USA made quality along with non-traditional shapes and ideas make these ukes stand out. And stand up!

Oscar Schmidt Ukuleles

Oscar Schmidt is one of the larger manufacturers of ukuleles and they have an extensive line. We carry their unique models, like the Trembesi wood modeled after a vintage parlor guitar.

More Ukuleles!

Yes, we have even more. At any time we have ukuleles from Stagg, Makala, Kohala, KoAlana, Kanaloa, Luna, Republic and more.


Don’t forget to ask for a copy of Ted’s ukulele instruction book!





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