We specialize in acoustic guitars, and smaller ones at that.  We have found quite a few parlors and concert instruments that sound fantastic and are comfortable to play. We are proud to represent these great lines of guitars. Stop in and play one today.

Breedlove Guitars

Based in Oregon, Breedlove is an innovative American guitar company with a focus on sustainable, ecologically sound logging and building practices. The result? Some of the finest guitars being made today, in unique and incredible woods and designs. Breedlove has a full range of guitars. We are especially fond of the ones made with Myrtlewood – stunning.

Guild Guitars

 Founded in 1953, Guild is an iconic American guitar company. Known for their arched backs, Guild has a full line of excellent acoustic guitars. With a tradition built on old world craftsmanship, quality, and value, Guild guitars are Made to be Played!

Washburn Guitars

Washburn is one of the oldest names in musical instruments in America. Their beautiful parlor guitars are highly collectible these days, and luckily they are making fantastic reproductions to this day. Washburn also produces nice playing and great sounding modern guitars. We usually have a nice selection of Washburns on the wall – such a diverse and affordable line.

Royall Resonator Guitars

We are proud to one of very few retail dealers for California’s Royall Guitars – unique and artistic resonator instruments.

Luna Guitars

Luna’s mission statement is simple: To craft fine stringed instruments with an artistic sensibility  that are comfortable, affordable, and inspire people of all ages and walks of life on their musical journey. Luna was founded by Yvonne de Villiers, an artist who brought her art and design talents to the musical instrument realm. Luna guitars are truly artistic and unlike anything else. Check out these beautiful guitars right here at Parrish Music.

Oscar Schmidt

A division of Washburn, Oscar Schmidt draws on a rich history of instrument building to bring us a great line of lower priced student instruments. These are our most affordable and popular instruments, featuring fractional sized guitars for kids, budget six strings, twelve string guitars, and more. A great variety!

Recording King Guitars

Recording King is one of the famous names in vintage guitars, and these fantastic re-issues show us why: vintage styling with big tones. Many of the guitars have slotted headstocks and 12 fret neck joints. There are also models with cutaways and pickups for modern use. Recording King brings us some fantastic vintage styled acoustics, along with mandolins and resonators.

Vintage Guitars

This company makes a really cool line called the Statesboro – and we love their take on the classic parlor guitar. Vintage designs, deeper bodies for big resonance.

Ortega Guitars

Although a German company, Ortega has carved out a unique niche with a huge family of nylon string Spanish guitars. Their student fractional models are unmatched by anyone, and they have some great ukuleles as well.


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