Parrish Music carries all your drum kit essentials: sticks, pads, snares, stands, beaters, and other accessories.  We specialize in hand drums and ethnic percussion.



Kopf Percussion

Makers of fine hand made cajon drums, from southern Georgia. These are well built and exceptional sounding. Double sided for both traditional snare sound and a non-snare “conga” sound


Sageman makes absolutely killer djembes that are very consistent in tone and build.   Sageman drums arrive tuned and ready to play. We stock many sizes of djembes, from kid size to drum circle size to large full on powerful djembes.

Mid-East Manufacturing

Mid East Manufacturing:  We have been buying from Mid East for years, and have always been amazed at the incredible variety of instruments from the Middle and Far East that they manage to track down.  A whole world of new sounds! Hand drums, tambourines, and hand percussion.


Fair Trade hand percussion instruments from many different countries.



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