Banjos & Mandolins

You will always find a fine selection of banjos and mandolins hanging out on our walls. Here are a few:


Goldtone Banjos

We are very proud to represent Goldtone, one of the most innovative instrument companies out there.  Banjos are their main business, and they excel at affordable old timey and bluegrass models. We carry their banjos and often a lap steel, octave mandolin, Paul Beard designed resonators, 0r other stringed wonders. Goldtone instruments feature USA setup, excellent tone and playability, and exceptional value.


Washburn offers excellent student grade and up banjos and mandolins. Their B9 is one of the most popular banjos ever made. And they have an excellent reputation in the mandolin market.


Loar mandolins

Loar crafts affordable vintage styled mandolins to go with their exceptional guitar line. Their full line of mandolins has garnered rave reviews in the affordable intermediate mandolin category.

Morgan Monroe mandolins

Morgan Monroe supplies us with quality beginner and better mandolins. A great way to start!






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