Ukulele Classes



Be a Part of the Uke Nation

At times we have an ukulele class in session. We also host (sometimes) a free ukulele jam in Viroqua called the Kickapookulele Club. If you’d like to drop in and play that’s great; we always have a couple extra ukes for beginners. Check our facebook page or at the store for details.

Do you have an ukulele sitting in the corner,  or always wanted to play the ukulele but didn’t want to admit it, or maybe you are just one of those wacky people who should be playing the ukulele (maybe you are from a carny family, or raised by wolves, or used to play bassoon).

Now you can join an all new ukulele class this for people just like you.  We meet every week for about 45 minutes, learn some songs and techniques for the ukulele, sing our little hearts out and enjoy each others’ company.  Down the road we might get out there and play some songs in public, for those who lean towards exhibitionism.

The ukulele is easy and fun to play, and there is currently a huge ukulele craze sweeping the nation.  Be a part of pop culture!  Learn the ukulele!

Class will be geared towards the adult beginner (but open to all ages), starting with basics.  The materials are layered, so intermediate and above players will be able to learn side by side with beginners.  We will learn contemporary pop songs that use the ukulele, famous songs from the history of the ukulele, tin pan alley, heavy metal, Hawaiian songs, and whatever else may surface. We will be using Ted’s book Ukulele For The Complete Ignoramus, published by Native Ground Music in 2015.

Catherine has taught a previous session of ukulele and will be around for the current session as well.  Catherine is a master at putting together the right song in the right key with the right rhythm, and helps everyone sing and play in a joyous way.  Ted has been playing ukulele professionally for 20 years (including a ten year stint in the famous Hawaiian band Ku’pono out of Chicago) and  guarantees that you too can be a ukulele star.  Whatever that means.  Please see the schedule for class times and information.



Parrish Music Store Hours

Wednesday Thursday Friday 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Tuesday by appointment Closed Sunday and Monday


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy
There is no charge for lessons cancelled 24 hours in advance.  If you must miss a lesson due to a same day emergency, please call.  Lessons missed with no notification will be charged.
Always call the store phone:  637-7730.

If you cancel or miss a lesson, please call to schedule a make up lesson that same week (as available).